Friday, September 28, 2012

Out and About (in more ways than one)

Now that the bug has hit me, I've decided to be out and about.  And the best way for me to do this is to get out and do things en-femme.   So I've decided to couple my interest in travel with my desire to be en-femme, and look for places that I can reach via Amtrak - and be a tourist for a weekend at a time.

Right now, I'm looking at visiting Washington, DC - and I'm finding it even more expensive than San Francisco.  But the Bay Area is amazingly affordable - if you know where to stay.  I wouldn't mind finding bargains like that in the DC area - safe, clean, comfortable places within a short walk of mass transit which would bring me into the tourist areas of town.  After DC, I'll consider going to Philadelphia, and probably leave the Northbound trip to Boston for next Spring. 

The next question (for which I believe I've answered already) is how should I travel?   Amtrak is the most reliable way for me to travel.  But with only one bag, I could consider using the "Chinatown Buses" in a pinch.  (Any way I can make minor trade-offs to save money will be seriously considered.  I hate spending money on things that don't give me pleasure and/or value....)

In any case, I have to figure out how to do as much as reasonably possible in a short amount of time, and get the greatest satisfaction from it....

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Opening Up and Stepping Out

I finally did it - I'm registered for Fantasia Fair!   Although I can only get away for 3 days during the week, it'll be fun - something I've looked forward to attending for a long time.  Hopefully, the clothes I ordered will be in soon, so that I can be wearing some new things for my first shindig in P'town....

On other matters, I had dinner with an ex-girlfriend and her husband tonight.  She had seen one of my pictures from my vacation, and showed it to him.  So I showed him the rest of the photos taken of me in dresses, and we had a lot of laughs - especially when I commented to my ex, that I understand why a gal can never have too many shoes.  (That's something her husband will never understand.)   Don't worry, I get along just as well with him as I do with her - it's nice being able to be friends with both of them....

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Setting up a wardrobe

One of the thing Genetic Girls do from childhood well into adulthood is build a wardrobe.  They usually have the help of their mothers and friends in building this wardrobe, being advised how to use a small number of separates and accessories to create a large number of looks.  This is rarely the case for femulators - at best, we depend on ann occasional female friend for help.

Right now, I'm looking into building a small Fall wardrobe quickly, as I'd like to go out in the world while the weather is comfortable enough to walk around outside.  Of course, one could spend a lot of money to build this wardrobe - but do Genetic Girls often have excess cash to do this?  No.  So I am recruiting the help of a few of my female friends, and hoping for the best....

Did I happen to mention that I've spent more on womens' clothes in the past three months, than I usually do for my male wardrobe in an entire year?  I wonder what my total spending will be after I have fleshed out a year-round wardrobe?

There is an important thing we all can agree with - a gal can never have too many shoes!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Going out and about

A while back, a good friend suggested to me that I become part of one of her circles of friends, with the idea of giving my feminine self a safe place to be out in the open.  Of course, I said yes.  Although my first visit was in male presentation (I had forgotten the one item of clothing that I couldn't readily find in my size at a typical shopping center), yesterday's visit was planned for my female presentation....

Before leaving from my place, I ran my morning errands and then started the tasks to put on my female presentation - a shower, shaving (legs and face stubble - I might need to stay in this presentation for 12 hours or more), dressing, and makeup.  Yet, I am still concerned about what my neighbors might think if they see me in female presentation.  So I left my place wearing a pair of pants, which I replaced with a skirt when I reached when I dropped into a nearby Starbucks.

Little did I know that I had not pulled up my thigh-highs far enough to prevent them from falling down on the job.  (One of those things a natal woman would learn early in life, that us femulators have to learn the hard way later on.)  I gave up trusting them near my destination, and dropped into a shopping mall to pick up some hosiery.   Well, I ended up in the mall's Lane Bryant (yes, I am a PLUS sized gal), and loved the fact that I got "Mam'd" when I bought my stockings.  So if was off to the ladies' room, where I was about to replace what I was wearing - and realized that I didn't pull the stocking up far enough to hold their place.  (I may consider the use of garter belts and old fashioned stockings in the future - there's a part of me that's "Old School"....)   At least I fixed what was wrong, and then went to my party without further incident.

At the party, I was warmly received, dressed the way I was.  Although the women recognized me at once in my female presentation, there was at least one man who didn't recognize me - and had to be told who I was.  This, I consider to be a good start.... 

Sadly, after a dip in the hot tub, it was back to a male presentation.  (After 12 hours, I didn't want to go through the effort of clearing off beard stubble, applying makeup, etc. for a long drive home.)  So, after a very long drive, I got home, packed my female presentation away for the future, and quickly fell off to sleep.  On the whole, it was a great day!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Well, I finally did it

I've been interested in wearing women's clothes since I was a child.  This would be normal, except for one thing - I was born a male.  As a result, most of my dressing up has been done in secret, and most of the female clothes I own are sleepwear.  But no more...

This year, I realized that I might not have the chance to visit San Francisco again, and wanted to see how accepting a city it is.  San Francisco and the other areas of California that I visited did not dissappoint me.  For five out of my seven days on the West Coast, I got the opportunity to present myself as a female - with wig, breast forms, and most of all - in dresses. 

This picture best captures how I felt on vacation - relaxed and comfortable....

Of course, when "femulating" (as Stana would put it), a gal has to go shopping.  It was a great thrill to go into stores looking at dresses, openly being able to ask "would this look good on me?" And, in two cases, the dresses did look stunning on me - and made their way home with me. 

This is one of the dresses I bought - the shawl I'm wearing adds the needed color when you're looking at the outfit close up.  And it can be worn in multiple ways - it's a great addition to any wardrobe!

But one starts crossdressing in public, one often wants to blend into the woodwork.  Here's what I wore into the store where the previous outfit was purchased:

Don't I look like a schoolmarm in the above picture? 
And this is the comfy little number I wore to Sacramento - I certainly didn't plan on buying a little black dress there.  (No, I didn't have the opportunity to wear it out - but soon will!!!!)
As you can tell, it was getting a little late in the day and my beard cover was starting to fail.  (Flash photography has a nasty habit of bringing out the worst in a person's image....)
In all cases, I found people willing to accept me for who I am - regardless of presentation.  As a result, I'm planning on dressing much closer to home....