Monday, August 20, 2018

Social Dysfunction - and how it affects us on a micro level.

As I've mentioned in other blog entries, I feel that Donald Trump and his followers are a danger to this country.  I have included the bulk of an email that the Cat Lady's (TCL's) "friend" sent to her and the email conversation we had about her ultra religious friend and her friend's view of the world.  However, I won't go into the details of this friend's life or discuss her family situation. I agree with TCL that her friend is a little off the deep end, and to discuss the details may prejudice what you're about to read beyond what you might rationally expect....

- - - - - -            - - - - - -

TCL's "Friend":

I am sending you this because if you only watch mainstream media, it’s possible you might not be aware of what is going on with the media.

This briefly describes the problem. It is VERY serious. Freedom of religion and freedom of speech might be abolished if this continues. It is already in the beginning stages. The deep state is terrified because more and more people are becoming aware of the deep-rooted corruption within our government. Some really evil people in BOTH parties. This is not just restricted to the democrats.

I have spent much time doing a lot of research about this. The only mainstream media that is covering this is FOX NEWS with “some” of their host, not all. That is why the left hates FOX. So much has already been uncovered and there is going to be much more.

I have always believed that it is God’s will that Trump be president in order to expose the corruption to the American people and go about to fix it. Is Trump a flawless man? No. But is any human being on the face of this earth flawless? No. However, so much of what the left accuse him of is wildly exaggerated or simply not true.

God can use who he chooses. Just look at King David who was an ancestor of Jesus. David committed adulatory with Bathsheba and even is guilty of murder because he arranged for her husband to be in the frontlines of a battle fully expecting him to be killed. Yet, God said that David was a man after his own heart. How can that be? Because David repented deeply.

Anyway, The deep state is promoting a hate festival toward Trump because they are terrified about themselves being exposed. They need to distract from themselves. Are you aware that Trump released most of the classified JFK assassination records? If you read them you will see that the CIA has been lying to the American people for years! Take a look for yourself. And remember, one of JFK’s plans was to break apart the military/industrial complex into a “thousand pieces”. It was probably for this reason he was assassinated. He saw what was going on and wanted to fix it. And he was killed. Trump is in very great danger because he is attempting to do what JFK tried to do. Anyway, I could go on and on, but I won’t right now. EVERYONE in this country should be terrified of the Nazi-like book burning that is going on.

Our country is in its greatest danger, possibly, that it has ever been.

Attached document from TCL's "friend":

Stop the book banners, news controllers
Urgent appeal from WND's Joseph Farah
By Joseph Farah

Rep. Keith Ellison, D.-Minn., is the deputy chairman of the Democratic National Committee, ostensibly the No. 1 person in the party nationally and a candidate for governor of his state.

Last week he called on to ban the sale of books by all authors associated with “hate groups” as defined by the extremist left-wing wackos at the Southern Poverty Law Center.

While his letter to Jeff Bezos, the founder of the world's largest online retailer, was later scrubbed from Ellison’s own website, it was hardly an idle threat, since Amazon already partners with the SPLC, as do Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, as “expert” consultants for determining which organizations and individuals are guilty of “hate speech.”

Also last week, Facebook put on a dog-and-pony show for the entertainment media in Beverly Hills to unveil its new video platform. Top execs were there to answer questions from the press, but the reporters weren’t as interested in the new video platform as they were in why Facebook was not completely banning certain media from the largest social media enterprise in the world.

First, they mentioned Alex Jones’ Infowars, which the Facebook execs admitted stifling, if not outright banning. Then, just like that, a reporter demanded to know why Fox News, the No. 1 cable TV news channel in America, was permitted on Facebook. When the execs dodged the question for "lack of time," other reporters demanded: “Answer the question!” and “We’ll give you more time!”

It’s worth noting that Infowars videos have already been dropped by YouTube, a wholly owned subsidiary of Google. It’s also worth noting that the No. 1 search engine in the world admits using its algorithms to give preference to news sources like the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC and Huffington Post at the expense of independent media, thereby throttling the reach of news sources with a more centrist or right-leaning perspective.

While so-called “progressives” like to think of themselves as defenders of the First Amendment’s guarantees of free speech, the free press and freedom of religion, it is simply no longer the case. In fact, we are approaching a very dangerous time in America, in which the left-wing book burners and news controllers are in positions of influence – within government and within the boardrooms of tremendous corporate power. They are already controlling the news through what I call the “Internet Cartel” – the five anti-American corporate tech giants Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Amazon.

As I’ve been telling you since January, these monopolistic, ideological totalitarians are transforming America’s foundational “first freedom” of an open society into an Orwellian nightmare world in which independent media and publishers face overwhelming disadvantages and a grossly un-level playing field in the arena of news and commentary.

Something must be done – soon. There have been a few congressional hearings. Most people, if they are really paying attention, know what’s going on. But those who get their news and information from the Internet Cartel’s favored sources are completely in the dark. And that’s the goal – to control news and information by favoring only those companies with the stamp of approval of the SPLC hate-mongers. Don’t think the Fox News alternative will be No. 1 for long if this trend continues.

I know something personally about this war on free expression as the founder of the very first independent online news organization in the world 21 years ago. I started WND because the Internet offered a more level playing field. Indeed, WND thrived and grew for nearly all that time. But all that changed after the 2016 election – one strongly impacted by the ever-growing influence of independent media. Since then, the "progressive" media blessed with the Internet Cartel’s preferential algorithms, and advantaged by the blacklisting of independent media competitors by their partners in the SPLC, have been at war with Trump and anyone in the press who didn’t join in that political hate-fest.

WND and the rest of the independent media are feeling the heat from the Internet Cartel, which controls traffic, revenue, search power, hosting and distribution of news and information through social media, not to mention retail sales of all books.

It’s a scary time of rapidly shrinking traffic and revenues. WND, for instance, has seen drops in revenue from more than $10 million in 2016 to $6 million last year to perhaps as little as $4 million in 2018.

This is unsustainable, of course. And that’s what the Internet Cartel knows and is aiming for – the extinction of honest, courageous voices of dissent and debate, which they think of as “hate speech.”

There is only one way out for WND – support from users. We can no longer make the money necessary to do serious reporting without the direct support of those who appreciate what we do – and lots of it right now.

Please give us a chance to survive, regroup, expose the fascistic thuggery of the left-wing zealots in control of communications and fight another day.


Glad I am NOT talking to her.

She talks about Nazi like book burning and says it’s Gods will Trump be elected.
There is no reasoning with people like her.

I don’t know what type of comment/answer I can give. How anyone support a man who is on film (so no one can deny there is proof) making fun of a handicapped person I do not know.

Putting aside infidelity and other stuff the fact he mocked a person with a handicap is unconscionable.


First, take a breath. She is closed minded. You can reply that your beliefs are not to mock the infirm. You can say that you feel that leaders should be ones who inspire others to do good and live without fear. You can say that the people who you want as leaders are people who follow Christ's teachings and are not mockeries of them.

She will bolt. But she won't be able to refute you. She will feel hurt. But it won't be your fault. She will be angry. But she may see herself for what she has become and maybe see what she still could become.


She did say he is not flawless which is how she would respond perhaps to his making of a disabled man.  What proof do I offer that he mocked Christ’s teachings? (Adulterous behavior would just be a flaw)

She may be making a guided enough to believe he is actually inspiring others to live without fear (all those nuts who think we need AK 47s to feel safe)

Sometimes I think it’s not worth my energy to enter into a discussion.

I really want to tell her to say all this to M who is far more eloquent with words than I and let him respond for me!!!

Of course I could just answer her question about the iPad and leave it at that or -/ ignore the entire email !!!!!


Think of the things you believe in that Trump rejects by his actions and words. Address this by what you understand the Bible to teach. Then say that if she wants to have a friendship, not to mention him again. You will respect that she believes differently from you. But you want your beliefs respected too. She will bolt, as she needs a closed minded person to associate with.

I didn't see that you forwarded her email and attachment. She seems completely off the deep end and then further than that. She is one who probably thinks that Alex Jones is a moderate with his Infowars site. Declassifying JFK means relatively nothing. She is probably drinking the Kool-Aid and asking for seconds and thirds. I agree with you she is not worth associating with. However I think my idea of writing to her hair one last time is probably the right thing to do. You can State certain things in quick one sentence statements that say why you disagree with her and why you cannot accept and rationality. 


I let flaky S read it and she thought ”Fox news says stuff the rest of the media which is 90% left doesn’t cover”. I knew she believed in a strong military because her dad had shoddy boots etc in WWII but she said how Hillary would have been awful because Bill took advantage of an intern - I couldn’t let that go - had to say I think Monica was quite willing and what does that have to do Hillary’s qualifications?  Someone else (a guy) gave the same lame excuse for hating Hillary.

I like to be tolerant of everyone but being tolerant let alone accepting of most People with Republican views is getting extremely, extremely difficult!! Maybe I am becoming as narrow minded as I believe Republicans are. Hope not!

- - - - - -            - - - - - -

It's amazing how many sites and "news" sources like WND are out on the internet.  People in the mainstream know that these are not sources of news, but of both fear and hatred. Extremist web sites are losing influence, as WND's admitted revenue declines indicate. Yet, we have no way to verify any of these claims.  People keep drinking the "Kool-Aid" and these conspiracy nuts still are in business.  So the big internet firms that host cloud computing for most businesses (e.g. Microsoft, Google, Amazon) have taken a stand against the worst of these fear mongers.  They are removing people like Alex Jones from their environments, not because of corporate ethics, but because people in the mainstream will revolt.  Only Twitter stands alone here.  I only wonder what they are up to.

Sadly, the human brain is wired not to challenge authority. However, this skill can be learned.  Unfortunately, most of Trump's followers need to follow a higher authority, such as TCL's "friend".  Luckily, most other Americans are sane and do not listen to fear mongers such as Alex Jones. Because of this, I still have hope for this country.

- - - - - -

PS: The more I find out about TCL, the more I like her.  No, I'm not developing a romantic interest in her.  But I have grown accustomed to how she speaks and have learned how to adjust to it.....

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Lili and the car dealership (Part 2)

I couldn't resist using the above photo for this entry.  I was supposed to go with Lili to pick up her car today, and I was way too tired to do so, having been unable to get to sleep until 3-4 o'clock several days in a row and waking up at 8.  But I begged out....

- - - - - -

As originally planned, this was intended to be a day spend outside as Marian.  However, two things got in the way: Sleep Deprivation and the Cat Lady's (TCL's) email.  I think that even though we haven't romantically kissed, she wants something more than a friendship based on the following late night email:

When you suggested Friday night originally or possibly the following week I assumed you had plans for Saturday or Sunday since you didn’t mention either. Then although we had plans for Friday (albeit in your mind evening) you then made plans with Lily for daytime which had a high chance (IMHO) of interfering with the commitment to me. So I graciously suggested you were overbooking yourself. 

You could have suggested Saturday to compensate for Friday, but you left it open (your choice) only to appear to feel trapped into seeing Lily a third day day this week. 

Just an observation.

TCL didn't have the full information here, and I didn't want to give it to her.  Also, she thought we could do something that stretched from the day into the night. That wasn't made clear in our original plans. To make things worse, I was very tired - and when Lili called at 10, I had to cancel plans for the day.  She was a little upset, but understood.  She may have remembered that I had been going with 3-4 hours of sleep for a couple of days, and that my body was about to crash.

So I went back to bed, and by noon was in the "Land of Nod".  I didn't wake back up until 4:30 or so, making the smart thing for me to do to take off my nail polish and get ready to spend an evening as Mario and await GFJ's arrival from a wet outdoor wedding she attended today.

- - - - - -

Given the choice, I like what I have with GFJ more than what I think could develop with TCL. And I will need to reset TCL's expectations, so that we see each other as friends for now - if that's at all possible.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Lili and the car dealership (Part 1)

I'd promised Lili that I'd go with her when she went car shopping.  However, she didn't tell me that her mind was already made up on the brand (Acura), the type of car (see above), but wasn't sure of whether she'd be buying a 2018 or 2019 model, nor did she know what color she'd be driving off the lot. You can guess what things would be like when we reached the dealership....

- - - - - -

Lili and I had originally planned to meet at 1:00, then drive down to the dealership in Scarsdale. Well, I was running very late, and we decided to meet at the Yorktown diner at 1:30, have lunch, then drive to lower county from there.  Both of us got there on time, but Lili was mildly disappointed by her choice for lunch.  She had a craving for beef short ribs, and they weren't on the menu this Friday.  So she ordered a salad with chicken - and didn't enjoy it.  On the way out, she chatted with the owner of the diner, and he said that they used the meat from the short ribs in their beef stew - and she said that if she had known this, she'd have ordered the stew.  Now, she knows something for the next time she craves this cut of meat.

After lunch, I moved my car out of the parking lot, and into the parking lot across the street. I figured that the diner or its patrons may get upset at a car being left in the diner's parking lot for 6 hours. So I figured that no one would care if I put the car into K-Mart's lot. And from there, it was off to the dealership....

- - - - - -

Once at the dealership, Lili wanted to look at all the cars.  She wanted the same model as she was driving. But, like last time she leased a car, she focused on the front grille. "Which one looks better?  And I effectively said that I didn't care.  To me, reliable transportation is much more important than a minor issue of how the front grille is designed. At the level of the Lexus, Acura, and Infiniti product lines, one would expect these cars to be nice to look at, perform well, and be good values for this market segment.  (Even on cheaper cars, I feel this way.  But I still would have troubles looking at the old Pontiac Aztek, one of the ugliest cars made in the modern age.)  While she looked at all the cars outside, I went inside to sit in air conditioned comfort. And there, I kept myself busy by watching TV, reading newspapers, and having a email chat with the Cat Lady (TCL). About 2 1/2 hours later, she was finishing up with the salesman, but couldn't exchange cars until the next day.  So it was off to our homes, with a return trip scheduled for tomorrow.

On the way back, we stopped into H-Mart to do some food shopping.  By the time I got back to my car, it was around 7:00. So I went home and dropped off my purchases, then went out again.  If I had left home a half hour earlier, I'd have made another visit to Catherine's in Paramus. Instead, it was over to Target in Mount Kisco, where I tried on a dress.

The dress fit well, but I wasn't going to buy it at the $28.00 price point.  Too bad that I didn't see that it was marked down for clearance.  I'd have dropped $20 for something I could wear a few times this season and when I'm in summer like climates.  Instead, I put it back on the rack, and may go back there tomorrow when Lili and I are done with our second excursion to the dealership.

- - - - - -

At this point, it was after 9:00, and I figured that I'd call TCL.  Though it was an enjoyable conversation, I had to work to get in my side of the conversation.  TCL tends to talk, then segues into parallel topics to such a point, that it is easy to lose track of where everything started.  We talked for an hour, and I ended up breaking off the chat by using a food shopping trip as an excuse.  Of course, I was in front of the local Stop and Shop, and needed some items there.

Leaving the supermarket, I experienced something that likely would have given a typical cisgender woman the chills.  While walking to the car, some youths in their car called out to me.  I ignored them as I pushed my shopping cart to my car.  They drove over to my car and started to ask me what I shopped for. And I replied - Food. This line of questioning went on for a minute, and then they drove away.  Something was up with these people, and I was lucky that there was no incident.  I'll bet that if I looked like I was a smaller, less massive woman, that something bad could have happened. But looking at me, they probably thought that one (or more) of them could have gotten hurt in an altercation.  I don't know if being Transgender was an advantage here, but I was very thankful to be able to get in my car safely and get home with my body, my car, my money, and my groceries intact.

I finished up my errands for the day by withdrawing some cash from the bank. And then I called GFJ.  She's got a long day ahead of her, as she has to get up at 5:30 to open the door to the handyman who is working on her house, then to prepare for a wedding at 4:00, followed by meeting me at my apartment at 10:00.  We chatted for a while, and both of us got tired.  Hopefully, both of us will have some energy left when she gets here....

Friday, August 17, 2018

Game night and the cleaning lady

I'm very glad that I have my cleaning lady's schedule marked out on my calendar for months in advance. Otherwise, I might have screwed things up and had her meet me after I had changed into my feminine presentation.  Luckily, I knew enough to set my alarm, straighten up the place, and be out the door before noon.

- - - - - -

Last night, I knew that I was going to need an alarm to wake me up, as I wasn't going to get to sleep until after 3:00 am.  There were pots and pans I needed to put into the cabinet, sheets to be removed from the bed, and traces of my Marian presentation that had to be put into the closets before she came to work on the apartment.  So I set a series of alarms for 8:30, 9:00, 9:30 and 10:00 - just to be safe.  And I only needed the first one to get me moving.

Once I was up and about, I stripped the bed, then started work on the kitchen. And that's where the first problem of the day hit. When I started straightening things out around the cabinet, several things fell into the nooks and crannies around the cabinet. So I moved the cabinet around and found more things to clean up - including the residue of a punctured soda can.  (Luckily, it was diet soda, so there was no sugary substance to attract ants and other vermin.)  Once done with that cleanup, I was able to put the pots and pans into the cabinet and move back to the bedroom. And I was able to get all important traces of Marian put away, with enough time to shower and prepare to spend the rest of the day out as Marian.

My cleaning lady called, and asked if she could come by a few minutes before noon.  But I said that I was getting dressed, and the apartment would be ready for her around noon. This wasn't a problem for either of us. So I finished getting prepared, stashed my makeup kit into the closet, and out the door I went. Although I still needed to pick up some cash from the bank, I ended up getting lunch and then killed some time at Barnes and Noble before doing my volunteer stint at the GLBT center.

- - - - - -

Volunteering often can be a relatively simple set of tasks, and that's what was on the docket for today. Today's task was to research information on 2 people and 1 organization which will be honored at this year's fund raising gala being held in October.  And I spent the better part of 2 hours gabbing and doing the research.

Next, it was off to Yonkers to eat and to go to game night. I didn't see the lady who runs her business from her table. Instead, the women's knitting circle was in session. And I would have loved to know how to knit and be able to join them.  Alas, it would be rude of me to impose myself, and I'll have to find other places where I could learn this feminine craft.

Then it was off to game night. Lili called, and she was able to get us comped tickets for a cruise taking place later this year.  I can't wait to go on the cruise, as it'll be nice to get away for a week.   There will be a lot of things I have to take care of, including rescheduling a voice therapy session at Mercy College.  (Since the cruise is far enough out that any discussion of its details could give a burglar too much information, I'll skip talking about it for now.)  GFJ is happy for me, but I know that I'll have to take her some place soon....

Unlike most weeks, I was at game night a few minutes early. So I ended up getting stuck playing a long running game - we started at 8:00, and ended at 11:30.  Of course, I lost. But that's OK.  While playing this game, I had an email chat with the Cat Lady (TCL).  One of her friends wrote an email supporting Trump. But her support was filled with the hatred, bigotry, and lunacy that many of Trump's extremist followers now show to the world. And TCL realized that (as she put it) she needs a new group of friends....

Thursday, August 16, 2018

C'mon baby, drive my car....

Lili has been putting off the task of shopping for a new car.  The lease on her current car is expiring soon, and she has to replace the car before the lease ends.  So we planned to go down to the dealership today, and see if a car that fits her needs is available at the price she is willing to pay....

- - - - - -

Even though I didn't get to sleep last night until a bit after 4 am, I was awake at 8 am without the assistance of an alarm clock.  From that point, I watched some TV, then started to take care of a few chores. Yet, as usual, I didn't accomplish much.  But for every 2 steps I take forward, I take 1 backward.  So it's taking me forever to get rid of much of my clutter.

It wasn't until 12:30 that I was able to reach Lili. And her schedule didn't make it easy to go car shopping today.  She was working with the contractor to fix up her rental property to make it saleable. Tomorrow is a washout because I have volunteering scheduled for the afternoon. So the only afternoon left for us this week is Friday, and that triggered the Cat Lady changing our get together to next week, as she wanted to spend more time with me than just having dinner. (Read: She wanted to take a day trip, then return home for a dinner at a nearby restaurant.)

So with this scheduling change, I decided to rest and took off my clothes for a while.  As dinner time approached, I decided to put on a nicer outfit.  It was time that I get another use out of a dress I put in my closet and didn't have an excuse to wear. While going through my closet, I tried to find a LBD that I haven't worn in a while. But I didn't find it.  I guess I'll do so when I put my summer clothes away at the end of the season.

- - - - - -

Around 6:00, I made my way over to the Roundhouse restaurant in Beacon.  Several people dropped out of the meetup, and there were 8 of us at the table. The group was pleasant and low key - 8 "strangers" at a table gathering together to try out a restaurant. As much as I enjoyed the atmosphere of the place, I don't think one gets the best value out of eating there. So I limited my spending, in order to focus on the conversations AND to be able to have enough money in my wallet to pay my cleaning lady in the morning.

The lady who was supposed to go to the Whine and Dine meetup last week didn't go.  Too bad.  But in the end, I think I'm better off not having anything being said.  I found out in part of our chat, that her daughter is part of the LGBT community.  So when (or if) the time is right, I doubt she'll bat an eyelash  when she finds out I'm transgender.

- - - - - -

On the way home, I chatted with GFJ.  Seems like she has a closing date for the sale of her office building. Yay!  But now, all the other dominoes in her life will start to fall.  Reality will soon hit her.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed for her....

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

A RO's by any other name....

It's been a while since I've seen RO.  Part of the problem is that her eye is still recovering from surgery that reattached a detached retina. And the other part is that both of us have been busy for the past few months.  So it was nice to get together for a belated birthday dinner.

- - - - - -

I started my day later than I planned by folding two loads of laundry that have been sitting on my couch for a while. Since I've started to replace some of Mario's dingy, worn out underwear, and decided to separate this from the stuff I'm going to put back in Mario's dresser. So, after folding all my clothes (both male and female items), I made sure that Mario's worn out stuff was ready for a rag bag.  After folding this laundry, there wasn't much time available for me to relax afterwards.  So I showered, shaved, made up, and dressed - and was out the door by 3:30 for a 6:30 dinner.

Including a stop at Mickey D's for a late lunch, I didn't really get moving until 4:00. And it took me about an hour and a half to make it from Ossining to Carle Place. There, I killed time in the bookstore before driving over to  RO's place.  Both RO and I were running a little late, and we finally met at 6:45 to go shopping and for dinner.

We ended up going back to Carle Place (as I expected) to stop and see if Catherine's had anything interesting worth buying.  And there were 3 items that captivated my interest:

Of these 3 items, tonight, I would only consider buying the bottom kimono, just to give coverage to two sleeveless dresses I like wearing. Unfortunately, the only one available was on the body of the mannequin in the window. Since it didn't show up as being sold at an affordable price, I decided to wait - and see if it was available online.  Next were the two dresses pictured above.  Neither was yet on sale, and I wasn't going to pay full price for dresses I wouldn't wear that often. When I tried them on, RO said that the first dress was "made for me". And when I tried the second one on, BOTH the saleslady and RO said I should buy that dress.  I may do so when it goes on sale.  But the saleslady was trying too hard to make the sale, noting that I could use their credit card, then that I could sign up for their discount card, etc.. And this bothered me enough that I didn't buy the things I went there to buy - only because this woman tried way too hard to make a sale.  We got caught in the store when the heavens opened up, so we ended up killing time doing more shopping than planned.  Once the rain let up, RO bought two pairs of pants, and we left for dinner.

RO still had a problem that she asked me about - what should she wear to a wedding coming up in early October?  The dresses I tried on were appropriate for me to wear, but they would get little use given the nature of my social engagements.  There was no longer anything in the store that would might be appropriate to wear to a wedding save for the above dress in black.  With her extreme pear shaped body, I'm not sure if any dress would work well for her.  So I suggested that she try on the dress YGM wore to Lili's son's wedding. And she accepted.  So we'll be getting together at my place sometime in September.

I mentioned that I would like seafood, so we went to a Colombian joint (Pollos el Paisa) down the road to have some paella.  As we got to the restaurant, the heavens were starting to open up again, and we ran into the place just in time.  And it was there she talked about her boyfriend and her buying a place in the East Stroudsburg, PA area to spend their weekends.  Mazel Tov!  (No, RO is not Jewish.  But I'll congratulate the Ro and her boyfriend in any language I please....)  She's been to this place before, and we both had empanadas, yucca, and the paella. (Next time, I'll skip the steamed yucca - too bland for me.)  Would I go there again?  Yes.  We were the only people speaking English, and the food was both good and authentic.

- - - - - -

All too soon, the night had to end, and RO dropped me off at my car.  The burning smell we picked up as we neared her house was unpleasant. Luckily, it had nothing to do with her car or with her house. Instead, it was a fire near the town's train station that shut down the LIRR's main line. And I texted this to her while on the road.

On the way home, I first had a conversation with Lili.  She found a cruise going out of Miami that might be interesting.  However, I said that I couldn't afford to fly there.  Instead, if she was willing to burn off some frequent flyer miles, I'd consider this cruise.  Otherwise, I'd pass - and she could go with someone else.  And next, it was GFJ.  We talked from Yonkers to Croton. It was good to catch up with her again.  Hopefully, she'll get ALL the tasks done that she has planned for tomorrow.  Otherwise, some of the work she needs to do will be done after work and possibly in the dark.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Quickie: Just another Monday

I'll bet that Groundhog Day was also on a Monday that year....

When one is out of work, one day tends to blend into another.  The longer one is out of work, the less meaning each day of the week has, as all of them seem the same after a while.  And in the case of the cartoon above, every day seems like a Monday to Garfield.

- - - - - -

For some unknown reason, I awoke before 9 am today.  Yes, I felt tired when I awoke, but I did not need an alarm clock.  Could it be the amount of light coming into my room?  Who knows?  But it would be nice to get back into a 'normal' sleep pattern for a change.

With the above being said, I ended up hanging out in bed for most of the day.  And in mid afternoon, I ended up doing some laundry.  If it weren't for some detailing on 3 of the dresses I was laundering, I'd have put everything colored into one load, and done my whites at the same time.  Why is this important, you may ask?  Well, each load of laundry forces me to stay near my apartment for at least an hour and a half. And I had nothing better to do than to take care of clothes which have been in the hamper for a couple of weeks.

Now, I expect that the cleaning lady will be here on Thursday.  So I had some stuff to take out to the dumpsters before she comes.  The first was the box that my new air conditioner came in.  It takes up a lot of space, and after a month is no longer needed.  Next were the recyclables.  I'll bet that my cleaning lady usually tosses them out with the regular garbage.  Since this could cause the co-op to get fined, it's the least I can do to do my part.

- - - - - -

After all this, I didn't bother going out for the day.  Without good reason to go out in the heat, why bother?